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Al Gore High School And College Education Background
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Al Gore High School And College Education Background

Al Gore High School:  

St. Albans School, Washington, DC

Al Gore College:

Harvard University, Vanderbilt University

Al Gore Education & Background:

Al Gore Jr. was the United States 45th vice-president. A Tennessee man, mostly raised in the political world of Washington D.C. For 9 years Al Jr. attended St. Albans School, an all boys school noted for producing future Ivy League students. In 1965 Al Jr. entered Harvard College with the intention to write, but changed his major to Political Science. After being an active political student on campus, Al Jr. graduated cum laud in 1969. Following his return from the Vietnam War, Al Jr., began to study at Vanderbilt University Divinity School. He studied at Vanderbilt's divinity school for two years, 1971 to 1972. In 1974 after a two year break from his educational career Al Jr. began to study at Vanderbilt University Law School. He did not finish his law degree, but in 1976 decided to run for U.S. House of Representatives.

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Al Gore Education
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