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Andrew Lloyd Webber High School And College Education Background
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Andrew Lloyd Webber High School And College Education Background

Andrew Lloyd Webber High School:  

Westminster School

Andrew Lloyd Webber College:

Magdalen College, Oxford

Andrew Lloyd Webber Education & Background:

Andrew Lloyd-Webber (widely known as The Lord Lloyd-Webber) was born March 22nd, 1948, in Kensington, London. His father was a composer and organist; his mother a violinist and pianist. His younger brother, Julian, is an award-winning solo cellist.He was a musical prodigy of sorts, picking up the violin at age three and the piano and French Horn shortly thereafter. He wrote his first music at the age of six, and put together a suite of six pieces at the age of nine. He often put on “productions” in his toy theater with his aunt Viola, an actress. Viola took him to many of her shows and gave him a practical education in theater from the inside. Lloyd-Webber had set original music to T.S. Eliot's Old Possum's Book of Practical Cats by the time he was fifteen. In 1965, he was a Queen's Scholar at Westminster School, and he studied history for one term at Magdalen College, Oxford, following for a time one of his childhood dreams – to become England's chief inspector of ancient monuments. But in the winter term of that year, he dropped history to study at the Royal College of Music and pursue his interests in musical theater.

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Andrew Lloyd Webber Education

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