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Barack Obama High School And College Education Background
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Barack Obama High School And College Education Background

Barack Obama High School:  

Punahou School

Barack Obama College:

Occidental College (1981), Columbia University (Bachelors of Arts, 1983), Harvard Law School (Juris Doctor, magna cum laude, 1991)

Barack Obama Education & Background:

Barack Obama was born in Honolulu, Hawaii in 1961, but moved to Indonesia when he was 6 years old. There, he attended local Indonesian-language schools St. Francis of Assissi Catholic School and Besuki Public School until the age of 10, also keeping up with his English through Calvert School homeschooling lessons given to him by his mother. Obama returned to Honolulu in 1971 and attended the private preparatory Punahou School on scholarship through high school, graduating in 1979. He moved to Los Angeles to attend Occidental College; there he made his first speech, calling for his college to divest from South Africa in protest of apartheid. Occidental classmates remember him as intelligent, friendly, and a good athlete. In his junior year, he transferred to Columbia University and majored in political science with a specialty in international relations. After graduating with a Bachelor of Arts in 1983, Obama spent years community organizing with a church-based organization in Chicago. Deciding he wanted to change the system from the vantage of a higher branch, he enrolled in Harvard Law School in 1988 and was selected as an editor of the Harvard Law Review by the end of his first year. His being elected as the first Black president of this publication foreshadowed his future position as the first Black president of the entire country. Graduating with a J.D. magna cum laude in 1991, he was appointed a Visiting Law and Government Fellowship at the University of Chicago Law School, went on to be a Lecturer at said school for twelve years, joined a civil-rights-focused law firm, and finally became an Illinois state senator in 1997. This eventually led to Obama becoming a U.S. senator, and then, of course, the president of the United States. Today, he is on his second term, and education continues to be a priority for him, now expressed through his oration and his public policies.

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