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Barbara Hershey High School And College Education Background
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Barbara Hershey High School And College Education Background

Barbara Hershey High School:  

Hollywood High School, Hollywood, CA (1966)

Barbara Hershey College:

Didn't attend.

Barbara Hershey Education & Background:

Barbara Hershey, born Barbara Herzstein, grew up in Hollywood, California and was the youngest of three children. She wanted to be an actress even as a young girl despite being so shy and quiet that classmates thought she was deaf. At Hollywood High School, she landed not only straight A's but a role on Sally Field's television show, Gidget. After graduating in 1966, she continued to get small-screen acting jobs, leading her to continue performing professionally in lieu of college. Within three years she co-starred in a Western, and the 70's saw her acting with directors like Martin Scorsese and being nominated for a Golden Globe. Presently, the accomplished and well-respected star is most known for her roles in Hannah and Her Sisters, Beaches, The Portrait of a Lady, and the recent Black Swan.

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