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Ben Affleck Education Background | High School And College
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Ben Affleck Education Background | High School And College

Ben Affleck High School:  

Cambridge Rindge and Latin High School, Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA (1990)

Ben Affleck College:

University of Vermont, Burlington, Vermont, USA (dropped out), Occidental College, Eagle Rock, Los Angeles, California (1993)

Ben Affleck Education & Background:

On August 15th, 1972, Berkley, California became a little more beautiful when Benjamin Geza Affleck was born to parents Tim and Chris. Growing up in Cambridge, Massachusetts, Ben dreamed of being an actor for as long as he could remember. He first acted in a Burger King commercial in 1984. It was around that same time that he met long-time friend, Matt Damon. Their friendship developed as they played on the same little league team, and took drama classes together. Ben attended Cambridge Rindge and Latin high school, graduating in 1990. He was at the University of Vermont for one semester before transferring to Occidental College, where he spent a year taking Middle Eastern Studies, before dropping out. Still desiring stardom on the silver screen, Ben and room mate, Matt Damon were tired of not getting the juicy roles they really wanted; so they decided to write their own script. Together they penned “Good Will Hunting”, the fame from that movie propelled them both down a long and glorious road of many memorable characters.

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Ben Affleck Education

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