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Bill Gates High School And College Education
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Bill Gates High School And College Education

Bill Gates High School:  

Lakeside School, (1973).

Bill Gates College:

Harvard University, dropped out.

Bill Gates Education & Background:

Bill Gates grew up in Seattle, Washington to a family who loved competition. They would always reward winning and penalize losing, perhaps inspiring Gates to build the software empire he would one day be famous for. At Lakeside School, his education took a turn towards computers when the Mothers Club bought the students time on a GE computer. He started programming in BASIC and wrote his very first computer program on the machine: a tic-tac-toe game against the computer! Gates became fascinated with computers, finding ways to spend more and more time on them even when it meant getting in trouble for it at school. He and three fellow computer-enamored students began working for the Computer Center Corporation in exchange for computer time, and then did the same with Information Sciences, Inc. At this point his school caught on to the gifted teenager's skills and he wrote them a program to schedule students' classes. When he was just 17, he and his friend created Gate's first company, Traf-O-Data, and in his senior year he was a congressional page in the US House of Representatives. It is no surprise, then, that he scored a 1590 on his SAT's and began attending Harvard in 1973. There he devised an algorithm for pancake sorting that would hold a thirty-year record as the fastest version of such solutions. He also decided start a software company with his old Traf-O-Data partner, after which he dropped out of Harvard in 1975. This is how Microsoft was born, and it is no secret that it became "the world's largest personal-computer software company", making Bill Gates the wealthiest man in the country and, currently, the wealthiest man in the entire world.

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Bill Gates Education

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