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Courtney Love Education Background | High School And College
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Courtney Love Education Background | High School And College

Courtney Love High School:  

Nelson College for Girls, New Zealand (attended)

Courtney Love College:

Dropped out of Portland State University. Trinity College, England

Courtney Love Education & Background:

For some, the name Courtney Love could be synonymous with “bad choices”, while others view her as simply the free-loving hippie she was born to be. Born July 9th, 1964, Courtney Michelle Harrison, moved from one hippie commune to another; from Europe and New Zealand, to the artsy Portland, Oregon. Doomed from the start, Courtney was in and out of juvenile throughout her teen years. By the time she turned sixteen, young Love had legally emancipated herself from her family and was traveling about the world until she landed back in Portland. She spent two semesters in England and Ireland at Trinity College; back in the states, she began studying English and philosophy at Portland State University. Staying true to her hippie roots, she couldn’t stay put for too long. She enrolled at the San Francisco Art Institute where she studied film. Though her life has been a bumpy one, the effervescent Courtney Love is forever passionate about that which truly drives her: her music.

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