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Lana Del Rey Education Background | High School And College
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Lana Del Rey Education Background | High School And College

Lana Del Rey High School:  

Kent School

Lana Del Rey College:

Fordham University

Lana Del Rey Education & Background:

Elizabeth Woolridge Grant, born in Lake Placid, New York in 1986 to Rob and Pat Grant. She has two younger sibling; and though being the oldest child can have its perks, there is also a lot of expectations and responsibility that come along with that role. It appears all that pressure was just too much for the beautiful Elizabeth (better known to us by her stage name, Lana Del Rey). By the time she was fifteen she had been sent off to a boarding school in Connecticut to help her deal with her dependence on alcohol. She graduated, and at eighteen moved to the Bronx to study at Fordham University to study a branch of philosophy known as metaphysics. There certainly is some controversy over her stage persona and the girl formerly known as Lizzy Grant. Love her or hate her, she comes by it honestly--she has been reinventing herself her whole life, going by names like: Sparkle Rope Jump Queen and Lizzy Grant and the Phenomena. Don't be too surprised if Lana Del Rey disappears one day and a new, artistic performer pops up in her place. The seductive, husky voice of Ms. Grant will be one that is haunting us for generations, whatever name she chooses to go by.

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