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Nicole Richie Education Background | High School And College
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Nicole Richie Education Background | High School And College

Nicole Richie High School:  

Montclair Prep, Van Nuys, California, Buckley School Sherman Oaks, California

Nicole Richie College:

University of Arizona (dropped out)

Nicole Richie Education & Background:

Nicole Richie may not have had the most traditional upbringing, but it certainly was productive. When she was just three years old her parents agreed that the best thing for their daughter was to allow her to move in with Lionel Richie (a family friend). When she was nine, Lionel and his wife officially adopted her. Soon after the adoption, the pair divorced, and to appease young Nicole they gave in to her every whim. In 1999 Ms. Richie graduated from Montclair College Prep school and went on to continue her education, studying arts and media at the University of Arizona. But she didn't really have a clear direction of what she wanted to get out of her studies, and dropped out after two years. Due to her five year stint on The Simple Life with fellow socialite and long time friend, Paris Hilton, Nicole had long been in the public eye, for better and worse. But her unique style and fashion sense caught the American eye and each day brings something new for the sharp designer.

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