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Peyton Manning Education | High School And College
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Peyton Manning Education | High School And College

Peyton Manning High School:  

Isidore Newman High School, New Orleans, Louisiana.

Peyton Manning College:

University of Tennessee.

Peyton Manning Education & Background:

For most people the name Peyton Manning is synonymous with football, though most don't realize his strength is not just in his ability to throw a pig skin around. Education is very important to him; studying to be the best is what has made Peyton the best. It seems the passion for winning came honestly for the star quarterback--his father is Archie Peyton, a former NFL quarterback himself. Winning on the field isn't all that mattered to this sports family. Education was always given a proper place and Peyton was expected to succeed just as much in school as out of it. At Isidore Newman High School, there was no question who was in charge--he led his team to victory with a 34-5 record. Throughout high school, whatever down time he had was spent in the gym and pouring over game plays, as well as keeping up nearly straight A's. After graduating high school, Peyton had the tough choice of where he was going to play out his college years of football. Finally landing on the University of Tennessee, he had his sights set on the Heisman. Continuing his theme of strong, self-motivated leadership, he was an unquestionable first round draft pick. And in 1998, after finishing all four years at UT, Manning was drafted by the Indianapolis Colts. Never one to back down from a challenge, he became a savior of sorts to the down trodden team, finally winning the big one in 2006 against the Chicago Bears. Mr. Manning is now playing for the Denver Broncos, and though he has grown and matured since his early years, he will never forget the lessons of perseverance and determination which were passed down to him through his family.

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Peyton Manning Education

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