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Ricky Gervais High School And College Education
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Ricky Gervais High School And College Education

Ricky Gervais High School:  

Ashmead Comprehensive School

Ricky Gervais College:

University College of London

Ricky Gervais Education & Background:

Ricky Gervais is best known for two things; creating the show “The Office” and being asked not to return as the host of the Golden Globes. Hey, not everyone can take a joke. Gervais’ comic ability to get under people’s skin might be traced back to his education. Although Gervais intended to study biology at the University College of London, he changed his major after only two weeks. He graduated from the University College of London with a degree, and additional advanced class work, in philosophy. He then went on to work for the University for several years after graduation. Not, however in his chosen field. Rather, he spent that time booking bands to play at the University. Now, as an actor, writer, producer and sought after stand-up comedian, Gervais is the one being booked.

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