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Roger Federer Education | High School And College
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Roger Federer Education | High School And College

Roger Federer High School:  

Swiss National Tennis Center, Ecublens, Switzerland.

Roger Federer College:

Did not Attend.

Roger Federer Education & Background:

Strength. Determination. Perseverance. Dedication. Roger Federer is all of those things, and more. His education in the sport of tennis is unrivaled and he has a thirst to constantly push himself to the next level. Born in Basel, Switzerland on August 8th, 1981, Roger Federer was a natural athlete. By the time he was eight, he realized his true passion was for tennis, so he left every other sport to focus all his energy into the game of tennis. And it payed off--he won many junior achievement awards and had his sights set on the big time. There was just one problem: his temper. Though he was nothing but polite and respectful to the referees, coaches and other players, he spent much of his energy being frustrated with himself and his mistakes. In comes Peter Carter--a rough, tough and hard to bluff Australian player who knew the game inside out. He became a prominent figure in Roger's life; teaching him and training him the reasons why he needed to learn to remain self-controlled while under the stress of playing the game. Carter's lessons were well heeded. Roger Federer decided to enroll in the Swiss National Tennis Center, and by the time he was thirteen, and his formal education there had begun, he new he had made a difficult, but good choice. Placing one foot in front of the other one, Roger Federer continued to make strides with his personal anger, and his sport. And in 2003 he became the first man to receive a Grand Slam title. Though it is a highly competitive sport, Federer has never shown the slightest glimpse of quoting, or packing up and heading home; he knows exactly what he wants and he worlds hard to achieve those goals. He continues to be a grand example of what determination and hard work can accomplish.

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