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Rory Mcilroy Education | High School And College
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Rory Mcilroy Education | High School And College

Rory Mcilroy High School:  

Sullivan Upper School, Hollywood, Northern Ireland.

Rory Mcilroy College:

Did not Attend.

Rory Mcilroy Education & Background:

Rory Mcilroy could probably never imagine a life without a golf club in hand. They say by the time he was two years old, he could hit a forty yard drive, and had his first hole-in-one by age nine. His father and mother cared deeply for the education of their son, and really wanted him to shine brightly in whatever career path he chose. It was evident he was destined to play golf professionally, and so they all sacrificed and worked hard for him to be able to succeed at the sport. By the time he was sixteen he Rory Mcilroy realized golf was going to be his life, so he dropped out of the school he had been attending, Sullivan Upper School in Northern Ireland to educate himself in all the particulars of the sport. In 2005, at the age of fifteen, he won the British Masters, also breaking the record at the North of Ireland Amateur Open at Royal Portrush of a score of 61 and 11 under par. The 24-year-old golf superstar his quite a future ahead of him, and he will not disappoint as he continues to pour himself, heart and soul into the sport that he loves so much.

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Rory Mcilroy Education

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Rory Mcilroy Education

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