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Simon Cowell Education | High School And College
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Simon Cowell Education | High School And College

Simon Cowell High School:  

Dover College (dropped out).

Simon Cowell College:

Did not Attend.

Simon Cowell Education & Background:

No one can doubt the boundless determination of Mr. Simon Cowell. From a young age he has proven that when he wants something, he'll do whatever it takes to get it. Though it seems he didn't take his formal education very seriously, he has loads of what you'd call "street smarts". He was tossed around several schools until he dropped out at age sixteen. Even so, he always knew how to get what he wanted--or how to avoid what he didn't. His father, Eric, tried time and time again to set his son up with respectable jobs, but Simon continued to dodge the "9-5" bullet. Finally he found his niche: starting as a mailroom clerk at EMI Music Publishing. Through hard work and dedication, he kept his eye on the prize and climbed his way up the ladder until he was able to establish his own independent recording label, Fanfare Records. Though it was short-lived, Simon did not walk away from that experience completely empty-handed. Every step of the way he was learning new things about the music industry, and he had a keen ear and an honest tongue to go along with his biting wit. Those qualities went a long way in earning him a spot on the new reality show "America's Got Talent", which aired its first episode in 2002. Through that experience, the great Mr. Simon Cowell has given us all an education in how to creatively critique another's supposed "talent". Thank you, sir--its a lesson we won't soon be forgetting.

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Simon Cowell Education

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Simon Cowell Education

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