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Steven Spielberg Education Background | High School And College
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Steven Spielberg Education Background | High School And College

Steven Spielberg High School:  

Arcadia High School, Phoenix, Arizonia

Steven Spielberg College:

California State University, Long Beach, California

Steven Spielberg Education & Background:

Steven Alan Spielberg, though known for his ingenious use of the camera, is more than just a world renown director--he has an insatiable thirst for knowledge; which manifests itself through his artistry of story telling. Self-educated in the ways of film-making, every moment he that wasn't spent studying for tests at Arcadia High in Phoenix, Arizona, was spent on running through the scenes in his head; the stories he longed to tell. His parents divorced, and Steven decided to move to California with his father. He applied for several college's and was accepted at California State University in Long Beach. While there, Steven was on a tour bus of Universal Studios. His curiosity could take no more and he hopped off the bus and wandered around the classic lots of the Studio. Wisely, he befriended the guards and soon just made a place for himself there. He allowed people to assume he was the relative of someone or other at Universal, and so he was never kicked off the lot. During his unusual "internship" there, Steven made his first professional debut; a 24 minute long film, "Amblin" (which became the moniker of his production company later on). It received such praise, that executives at Universal hired him to be a television director. Through his hard work and dedication to the craft he loved so dearly, Steven Spielberbg patiently rose up the ladder of fame, and is now one of the most well-known directors in the world.

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Steven Spielberg Education

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