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Adrienne Maloof Plastic Surgery Before And After

Adrienne Maloof took full advantage of the plastic surgery perks that came along with being married to a top Beverly Hills’ plastic surgeon; free Botox, nose jobs, breast implants and more. Though now divorced from Dr. Paul Nassif, it’s clear that Maloof has found someone else to fill her husband’s shoes, along with her frown lines. The plastic surgery changes Maloof has undergone over the years are so dramatic that she is almost unrecognizable in this before and after picture.

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adrienne maloof plastic surgery

Like most Beverly Hills housewives (and we’re not just talking about those on the show), Adrienne Maloof has had breast implants at least once. It’s rumored that she has had her breasts augmented on more than one occasion. 

adriene maloof breast implants

Adrienne Maloof’s quest for the perfect nose job seems to be a never-ending journey. The biggest change came in her early years, but as you can see in this before and after picture, even after she had the larger bump shaved down, she has continued to trim the sides of her nose.

adrienne maloof nose job

The biggest perk of having a plastic surgeon husband has to be in-home Botox treatments. It’s clear when you look at the progression of Adrienne Maloof’s smile that something is helping her keep her forehead smooth.

Adrienne Maloof Botox

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