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Alexa Ray Joel Plastic Surgery Before And After Nose Job

Alexa Ray Joel freely admits to having plastic surgery; she's had a nose job. Really, she didn’t have much of a choice. When you’re the daughter of a supermodel (Christi Brinkley) and a rock star (Billy Joel) your picture gets taken a lot. So in 2010 when the young singer decided she wanted to take a little off the top, she was upfront about it with the press.  

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alexa ray joel plastic surgery

Alexa Ray Joel says she’s been more than a little self-conscious about her nose since she was a child. In fact, she practically points at the press with a "you made me do it" explanation for her plastic surgery. Joel states that she felt bullied by the press when she was growing up. She claims she was constantly compared to her mother, a real beauty, and her father, a beautiful singer with a face only a mother could love. This before and after picture shows how her nose job really thinned out the tip.

alexa ray joel nose job

So, Alexa Ray Joel took matters into her own hands, or the hand of a board certified surgeon, and put the matter to rest once and for all. Now Joel describes herself as a “late bloomer” and claims any other differences the media notes in her appearance are a result of simply growing into her looks. This before and after picture shows how plastic surgery totally transformed her face.

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