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Ali Wentworth Plastic Surgery Before And After Eye Surgery

Comedian Ali Wentworth includes personal stories in her comedy, and her recent plastic surgery is no exception. Wentworth had an eye surgery called blepharoplasty. She jokes that the bags under her eyes were Moby Dick and she “killed that whale.” This before and picture shows the effect the surgery has both in removing the bags under the eye, and in lifting the eyelid.

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Ali Wentworth Plastic Surgery

Ali Wentworth not only chronicled her plastic surgery journey (the decision to have it, and the process) she posted pictures along the way. This picture shows Wentworth’s face not long after having her stitches removed.

ali wentworth eye surgery

Ali Wentworth posted this picture of her face before she underwent plastic surgery to show much she felt she needed eye surgery. (The procedure is called blepharoplasty.)

ali wentworth before eyelid surgery

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Ali Wentworth Plastic Surgery

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