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Ally Walker Plastic Surgery Before And After Botox | Nose Job

Actress Ally Walker is a private person who doesn’t talk about her Botox use or history with plastic surgery. It's rumored the actress had a botched nose job that left the end of her nose slightly crooked. Most before and after picture of the actress do show a difference in the actress’s nose. 

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ally walker plastic surgery

This before and after picture of Ally Walker shows a distinct difference in the end of her nose. Whether the crooked nose is the result of plastic surgery isn’t known. (What is also unknown is why the actress wouldn’t just have it fixed.)

ally walker nose job

It also appears Ally Walker is having Botox injections. In this picture, showing Walker smiling broadly, her forehead remains smooth and wrinkle free. (A common sign of Botox use.)

ally walker botox

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Ally Walker Plastic Surgery

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