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Andrea Mitchell Plastic Surgery Before And After Facelift

Andrea Mitchell has been on reporting camera since the 1970’s. Her appearance hasn't changed much since then, suggesting she's had plastic surgery. (facelift) Now the Chief Foreign Affairs Correspondent for NBC, Mitchell covers serious news—interviewing Presidents and key foreign diplomats. With such a serious job, it’s no wonder she’s not talking about beauty treatments. But whether she talks about it or not, people speculate. Now in her mid-sixties, Mitchell still looks great. This is most likely due, in part, to her exercise regime (evidenced by her highly toned arms). And, in part, to a little help from plastic surgery.

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andrea mitchell plastic surgery

Pictures like this one tell the tale of plastic surgery. Mitchell has all the signs of a facelift; her skin is a little taunt for her age, and her smile is unnaturally stretched. She may also be getting fillers around her mouth accounting for the lack of smile lines.

andrea mitchell facelift

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Andrea Mitchell Plastic Surgery

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