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Ann Romney Plastic Surgery Before And After Facelift

Ann Romney, wife of Presidential hopeful Mitt Romney, is believed to have had plastic surgery. And not just any surgery, rumor has it Romney had a facelift. It’s believed that sometime before the beginning her husband’s last presidential race, Ann took some time off to have a facelift. It’s not surprising by political standards; they were running against a younger couple. But it is surprising when you consider the Romney’s religious beliefs. Mormon’s typically don’t have plastic surgery (unless you’re Marie Osmond). So whether the procedure took place or not is up for debate.  

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ann romney plastic surgery

This (rather unflattering) picture of Ann Romney shows a face that has natural lines and wrinkles. It’s a stark contrast to the Romney that was seen on the campaign trail. 

ann romney before face lift

This picture of Ann Romney during the Presidential campaign, led to speculations that she had plastic surgery; specifically a facelift. Compared to other (older) pictures, Romney’s face looks smoother and younger. Not change one would expect from a grueling campaign schedule. 

ann romney after facelift