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Anna Faris Plastic Surgery Before And After Breast Implants

Anna Faris’ break out role was Cindy Campbell in the “Scary Movie” franchise. She is most often cast as a fresh-faced, naïve girl next-door type. Unfortunately Faris may be turning too often plastic surgery in her quest to maintain that look.

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anna faris plastic surgery

Anna Faris may have had a nose job in the not-so-distant past. The change is minimal, only a slight narrowing of the bridge. Her breast implants are more obvious, as is shown in this before and after picture.

anna faris breast implants

The most dramatic change to date come from the lip filler that Anna Faris is using. The use of the filler is so extreme, it has changed the way the actress speaks. This is definitely one of the riskiest types of plastic surgery, and unfortunately for her, it didn't turn out too well.

anna faris lip filler

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Anna Faris Plastic Surgery

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