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Anne Hathaway Plastic Surgery Before And After Nose Job

Anne Hathaway has fought a good-girl image since starring in "The Princess Diaries." Breaking from the mold however doesn't include admitting to plastic surgery. This Oscar winner has held firm to her role as one of Hollywood's few leading ladies to have never had any plastic surgery. (At least not that she'll admit to.)

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Anne Hathaway Plastic Surgery

If we look at very early pictures of Hathaway, it could be argued that her nose was slightly wider. This has led to speculation that Hathaway had a nose job at some point. However the difference is just slight enough that the argument could be made that it’s due simply to good makeup. 

anne hathaway nose job

The only other speculation surrounding Hathaway is whether this good-girl has breast implants. Again, any differences found in before and after pictures could be chalked up to a difference in clothing or undergarments. 

Anne Hathaway Breast Implants

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Anne Hathaway Plastic Surgery

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