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Arnold Schwarzenegger Plastic Surgery Before And After Facelift

The "Terminator," Arnold Schwarzenegger needed more than science fiction to stay young; he needed plastic surgery. The actor-turned governor has had a facelift. Though he is a big proponent of healthy living through diet and, what some might consider extreme, exercise it seems this wasn’t enough to keep Schwarzenegger’s face looking tight and toned. It’s speculated that Schwarzenegger has been using Botox for quite some time to slow the signs of aging, particularly on his forehead. But it was sometime in the past year that he sudden appeared refresh and rejuvenated…unnaturally so. This kind of, seemingly overnight, transformation is often the result of a facelift. 

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arnold schwarzenegger plastic surgery

It’s speculated that Arnold Schwarzenegger has been getting Botox injections for years. This before and after picture shows the results of Botox on Schwarzenegger’s smooth forehead. 

arnold schwarzenegger before and after facelift

  But its pictures like this one that lead the press to begin speculating that the former Governor had a more invasive plastic surgery. The suddenly young face seen in this “after” picture may be due to a facelift.

arnold schwarzenegger facelift