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Ashton Kutcher Plastic Surgery Before And After Nose Job

Ashton Kutcher is the subject of lots of gossip, including speculation about whether he has had plastic surgery. Specifically, whether he’s had a nose job. Kutcher is pretty open about his life, the good and the bad. And he claims his nose is the one he was born with. 

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ashon kutcher plastic surgery

This very early picture of Ashton Kutcher may support the theory that the actor has had a nose job. In this picture Kutcher’s nose appears broader than it does today. Though, this difference could be chalked up to the poor quality of the photo. 

ashton kutcher before nose job

If Ashton Kutcher has had a nose job, he was very careful to keep the change minimal. These pictures of Kutcher show a nose that looks distinct, slightly broad (by nose job standards) and even a little crooked. 

ashton kutcher nose job