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Axl Rose Plastic Surgery Before And After Botox | Hairpiece

Axl Rose has been rocking a new look these days, one enhanced by plastic surgery. Along with his trademark hairpiece, Rose has had extensive Botox injections. Though his Botox use isn’t new (the media has been mocking his use of Botox for quite some time) it’s the sheer amount of Botox that has people talking. The Guns N Roses singer has also put on some weight recently and, oddly, began walking with the aid of a cane. With this much to work with it’s no wonder he’s making the cover of tabloids on a regular basis. 

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axl rose plastic surgery

This picture shows the many faces of Axl Roses’ hairpieces. 

axl rose hair piece

This recent picture of Rose shows the affects of his Botox use.

axl rose botox