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Barbara Walters Plastic Surgery Before And After Facelift | Botox

Barbara Walters took an extended break from broadcasting in early 2013. Many believe this leave of absence was to recover from plastic surgery. (Facelift) The venerable journalist was absent from taping “The View” for six (unexplained) weeks, and returned looked more than refreshed. The eighty-something celebrity has surely had other work done over the years, most likely Botox, fillers and possibly mini-lifts along the way. In recent pictures, Walters looks healthy and practically wrinkle-free, a clear indicator that the American icon has had plastic surgery over the years.

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barbara walters plastic surgery

Barbara Walter’s skin, which looks fantastic in this recent picture, also looks unrealistically fantastic for her age. (She’s 82 in this photo.)  The lack of lines around Walter’s mouth and eyes indicate that she’s been a regular user of Botox and fillers over the years. Thankfully, her doctor has been very strategic with the injections and Walters still looks like Walters. 

barbara walters after facelift

This is one of the few before and after pictures where Barbara Walters no longer looks like Barbara Walters. It’s possible this was taken immediately after Walters’ facelift and the swelling had not yet gone down. 

Barbara Walters Facelift