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Barbra Streisand Plastic Surgery Before After Facelift | Nose Job

Barbara Streisand may have the most famous nose on the planet. Both due to its size and shape, and to the fact that this leading lady refused to have a nose job. As the story goes, Streisand was urged by industry execs, as well as her own mother, to get a nose job and look more like a typical leading lady of the time. She refused the plastic surgery. At least at the beginning of her career. 

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barbara streisand plastic surgery

Some people, however, speculate that later in life Barbara Streisand may have changed her position on plastic surgery. Despite the fact that her nose had become part of her persona, it’s believed that Streisand did, in fact, have a nose job. This before and after picture may prove that point. Although not altered greatly, it does appear that Streisand may have shortened and narrowed her nose. 

barbara streisand nose job

Although Barabra Streisand may have been reluctant to get a nose job, it doesn't seem she had issues with the idea of a facelift. This picture seems to indicate that Streisand's skin is a little smoother than it should be at her age, or than it was even a few years earlier. 

barbara streisand facelift