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Bernadette Peters Plastic Surgery Before And After Facelift

Broadway diva, Bernadette Peters hasn't changed much. This may be due to the actress being selective about plastic surgery including a possible facelift and Botox. Though the procedure is only rumored (the actress doesn’t admit to having one), there are certainly signs that Peters is doing something to stop the signs of aging. If not a full facelift, it’s possible that the actress has had a mini-lift in conjunction with some very smart Botox use. (And, of course, some great genes.)

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bernadette peters plastic surgery

These before and after pictures of Bernadette Peters through the years show that in the last decade and a half, her face hasn’t changed much. The fact that she has natural smile lines suggests that Peters hasn’t had any major plastic surgery and is most likely not using fillers. 

bernadette peters before and after plastic surgery

However, this before and after picture of Peters appears to show signs of Botox use. Though she shows all the normal signs of aging around her mouth, her forehead seems frozen in time. It’s possible the singer is uncomfortable with the idea of using fillers around the moneymaker; her mouth.

Bernadette Peters Before And After Facelift

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Bernadette Peters Plastic Surgery

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