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Bette Midler Plastic Surgery Before And After Facelift | Nose Job

Bette Midler is another in a list of celebrities who passed on common plastic surgery procedures in her youth (nose job), but chose a more invasive facelift when her age started showing. Midler was not known as a typical beauty, and she was fine with that. Her unique nose and squinty-eyed smile made her who she was; a quirky, one of a kind actress with a career-making voice. Despite industry pressure, Midler opted not to make changes to her appearance. Her career soared anyway. Though it does appear that Midler may have had an early nose job, like other (smart) celebrities the changes she made were slight and did not stray too far from the original shape and size.

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bette midler plastic surgery

Though Midler was not willing to remake herself into a plastic super model, she was also not willing to let herself age naturally. It’s believed that Bette Midler recently had a facelift. This before and after picture shows the result of the plastic surgery; Midler’s face is tighter, her cheekbones and jawline are more defined, and her forehead and eyebrows appear raised.

bette midler facelift

This picture of Bette Midler, post-facelift, shows the actress and singer has very few natural wrinkles despite her age. (Mid-sixties) This is most likely thanks to a facelift.

bette midler after facelift

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