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Bob Costas Hair Transplant / Hairpiece / Facelift Before And After

Sportscaster Bob Costas has reported the news for years. Following what looks like a hairpiece or hair transplant (and more plastic surgery), he became the news. It seems Costas had also had a facelift.  The procedure was so bad that in 2010 an open letter to Costas appeared in the Huffington Post. In an article titled “Please Break Up With Your Plastic Surgeon” it was stated that throughout that year’s entire Olympic broadcast, Costas never displayed an ounce of emotion on his face. Not because he was reporting dry, because he couldn’t’ move his face.

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bob costas plastic surgery

This picture of Bob Costas show the supposed results of his plastic surgery. His facelift left is face frozen and suddenly free of wrinkles and lines. 

bob costas facelift