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Bono Plastic Surgery Before And After Botox

It's believed that rock legend Bono has had plastic surgery. Many claim he's uses Botox because he has relatively few wrinkles for his age. But really, what has this multi-platinum, Oscar nominated, gazillionaire recording artist got to worry about that would cause frown line? He’s also a proponent of a clean planet and a clean lifestyle, which includes what he eats and drinks. So, it’s possible he’s staying young by living a healthy lifestyle. But then again, with his status and success he can afford to make a deal with a great plastic surgeon. (Or, for that matter, with the Devil.)

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bono plastic surgery

It’s pictures like this one of Bono that lead people to believe that he’s had plastic surgery. For his age, he is shockingly free of wrinkles and lines which is a key indicator of Botox use. 

bono botox