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Brad Pitt Plastic Surgery Before And After Nose Job

Lots of rumors surround Brad Pitt's life. A common one is that he's had plastic surgery, specifically a nose job. But like many rumors, there's little evidence to back it up. Although it’s highly possible that the actor would have a nose job, in a heartbeat, if it would help his career or impact his life in some way, it just doesn’t appear to have happened. Pitt’s nose today looks virtually identical to the nose seen in picture of him when he was young. In this case, the unsubstantiated rumors are just that, unsubstantiated.

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Brad Pitt Plastic Surgery

Again this early before picture of Brad Pitt looks almost identical to the more current picture, disputing the claim that the actor has had a plastic surgery on his nose.

brad pitt nose job

But nose jobs aren’t the only plastic surgery rumor surrounding Brad Pitt. It’s also speculated that Pitt had his ears pinned back. Pictures like this before and after shot, fuel that speculation. In the before picture, Pitts ears are definitely more prominent and have a more rounded shape than they do today. In this case, the rumors may not be as unsubstantiated. 

brad pitt before and after nose job ears pinned

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Brad Pitt Plastic Surgery

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