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Brendan Fraser Plastic Surgery Before And After Hair Transplant

Few celebrities have a longer list of rumored plastic surgery procedures than Brendan Fraser. Rumors aside, there's clear evidence he's had a hair transplant. But as the actor’s career took a dive, the rumor mill cranked up suggesting he went to great lengths to get back on screen; a nose job, peck implants, butt implants, cheek implants. In reality, the only implants the actor appears to have actually had, are in his scalp. His once full head of hair long gone, Frasier has had a hair transplant. 

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brendan fraser plastic surgery

This before and after picture of Brendon Frasier shows the beginning of the end of his hairline. Not long after this, Frasier has plastic surgery to get back his trademark full head of hair. 

brendan fraser after hair transplant