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Britney Spears Plastic Surgery Breast Implants | Nose Job | Botox

Whoops, she did it again...and again, and again. Britney Spears has had a lot of plastic surgery over the years including a nose job, breast implants and Botox. The young singer had already had more procedures by her mid-twenties than most in Hollywood. (And that’s saying a lot.) None of the procedures had that much of an impact on her overall looks, however. Begging the question, what was the point, and will she do it again...again? 

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britney spears plastic surgery

This before and after picture of Britney Spears shows the slight changes that resulted from her first plastic surgery; her nose job. Although Spears kept the basic shape of the nose, she narrowed the bridge just slightly and may have had some cartilage removed from the tip. 

britney spears nose job

The bigger change, though no more impactful, is Britney Spears breast implants. This before and after picture of Spears shows a significant jump in cup-size.

britney spears breast implants

Britney Spears, like many young celebrities these days, seems to be using Botox proactively. Botox is now often being used to prevent future wrinkles by keeping the muscles that lead to wrinkles from contracting. However, this also keeps these young celebrities from moving their foreheads and gives them the perma-frozen look Spears has in this picture.

britney spears botox