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Brittny Gastineau Plastic Surgery Before And After Breast Implants

Brittny Gastineau is a socialite, so the fact that she's had plastic surgery is no surprise. But the fact that her breast implants have led to so much press is puzzling. In particular when you factor in that she’s BFFs with a Kardashian (in this case, Kim.) When you spend as much time as she does hanging out with Kardashians, it’s almost expected that you’ll have plastic surgery; whether you need it or not. Some friends just out for coffee.

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brittny gastineau plastic surgery

This is one of many pictures of Brittny Gastineau following her plastic surgery. Gastineau was eager to show of her new assets, to as many paparazzi as would photograph them.

brittny gastineau breast implants

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Brittny Gastineau Plastic Surgery

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