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Brooke Burke Plastic Surgery Before And After Breast Implants | Breast Reduction

Brooke Burke has had a version of the same plastic surgery multiple times. She's has breast implants and she's had a breast reduction. Burke confessed that she got her original implants in her 20’s, but they didn’t help her modeling career.  (Ah, what kind of magazine where you aiming for?) So, she opted for a breast reduction. She now educates women about plastic surgery, and told Entertainment Tonight that it should be “an individual choice. You should be able to do it without judgment and you should be able to feel good about it."

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brooke burke plastic surgery

This picture of Brooke Burke shows her ample figure after having her breast reduction, raising the question, what did she look like before that plastic surgery. 

brooke burke breast implants

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Brooke Burke Plastic Surgery

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