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Brooke Hogan Plastic Surgery Before And After Breast Implants | Nose Job

Brook Hogan was young when she started getting plastic surgery. At nineteen, the quasi-reality star had breast implants followed closely by a nose job. Some say the daughter of celebrity wrestler Hulk Hogan was struggling to find her place, and her fame. So, she looked to plastic surgery to “improve” her image. As obvious as the physical changes are, Hogan didn’t intend to speak publicly about them. But that didn’t stop others in her family from spreading the news. Hogan’s own mom outed her on a gossip blog in 2009. 

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brooke hogan plastic surgery

Not that Brook Hogan needed outing when it came to her plastic surgery. This before and after picture shows how obvious her breast implants are.

brooke hogan plastic surgery

Hogan’s nose job is no less obvious. Unlike some in Hollywood who try “tweak” their nose while maintaining the basic shape, Hogan’s nose job changed her nose completely. 

Brooke Hogan Nose Job

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Brooke Hogan Plastic Surgery

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