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Bruce Jenner Plastic Surgery Before And After Facelift | Nose Job

Few in the Kardashian household have had more bad plastic surgery press than Bruce Jenner and his facelift. In fact, few people in the world have had as much bad press. Jenner admits to having a nose job and a facelift in 1984, following his Olympic fame. He claims he was advised by a doctor to have the procedures. (A doctor of television production maybe?) It’s widely considered a botch procedure and Jenner has been the subject of jokes ever since. To try to right the situation, in 2009 Jenner had another procedure, this one document on the Kardashian reality show.

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bruce jenner plastic surgery

This recent picture of Bruce Jenner led to speculation that the celebrity had had more plastic surgery. Though it’s doubtful he’s had more, this picture clearly illustrates the effects of the procedures he’s already had. His face is pulled to tight, his nose is too thin, and it appears he’s using filler in his lips.

bruce jenner facelfit