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Bruce Willis Plastic Surgery Before And After Hairpiece | Nose Job

There are few actors who have played as many tough guys as actor Bruce Willis. Even fewer have played as many tough guys, while wearing a hairpiece. Willis’s hairline has been receding at a very fast clip for decades. Though makeup artists began pulling his hairline back gradually through the last two decades, Willis was already almost completely bald on top by the early 1990’s.

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bruce willis hairpeice

It appears that the hairpiece is not the only enhancement that can be credited to Bruce Willis. On closer examination of pictures throughout the years, his near perfect face may have also had a slight tweak. It’s possible that Willis had a nose job early in his career.  Somewhere between "Moonlighting" and "Die Hard" Bruce Willis's nose has gotten a bit more narrow.

bruce willis nose job

Willis still dons the hairpiece if the acting roll dictates. But for the most part, this 50-something actor has joined the ranks with other badas$ actors willing to show the shine like Vin Diesel, Michael Chiklis, and Samuel L Jackson.

Bruce Willis No Hairpeice

This before and after picture shows Bruce Willis wearing a goofy hairpiece to poke fun at himself.

bruce willis hairpiece 3

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