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Calum Best Before And After Hair Transplant

Former heartthrob Calum Best had plastic surgery, but not the kind expected from a young man making a career in front of the camera. He had a hair transplant. And, he had it at the ripe, young age of only 32. Best told the Daily Mail “I was worried people were looking at my receding hairline.” He liked the procedure so much that he had a second time. What’s interesting is that the British press is focusing more on the cost of the procedures. Apparently Best has filed for bankruptcy. But he feels the hair transplants have been a good investment, claiming the plastic surgery will increase his chances of getting work.

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calum best plastic surgery

This picture shows Calum Best explaining the effects of his plastic surgery. His hair transplant helped stop his receding hairline from receding any farther.

calum best after hair transplant

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Calum Best Plastic Surgery

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