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Carrie Fisher Plastic Surgery Before And After Facelift

Carrie Fisher shocked everyone when she showed up 54 pounds lighter. She was shocked when her fans focused more on her apparent plastic surgery and facelift. The actress, best known for starring as the original Princess Leia in Star Wars, unveiled her new figure on the Today Show. The Twitter-verse was watching, but the online commentary focused on the dramatic changes to Fisher’s face. A 54-pound drop in weight, on someone with Fisher’s small frame, will lead to changes everywhere. So, we’d expect Fisher’s face to change. But the extent of the change is too extreme to be caused by the weight loss alone. The mid-fifty year old actress dropped some cash at the plastic surgeon’s office while she was dropping the pounds. 

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carrie fisher plastic surgery

This picture of Carrie Fisher shows how different her new face looks, thanks to plastic surgery. Fisher’s face is tighter and her cheeks look more plump.

Carrie Fisher Facelift