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Carrot Top Plastic Surgery Before And After Facelift | Botox | Steroids

Something has gone horribly wrong with Carrot Top and his views on plastic surgery. The comedian has had a facelift and Botox that's left him butt of jokes, but he's missing the punch line. At a recent Comedy Central Roast, were Carrot Top appeared, the majority of the jokes centered on his new look. The reviews were not positive. He’s gone from the comedian with the crazy red hair, to the crazy-looking comedian. All thanks to a really bad facelift. 

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This before and after picture of Carrot Top highlights the extreme difference in the comedian’s appearance since he has plastic surgery. The comedian still denies he’s had any work done, telling Oprah “"People think I've had plastic surgery -- no, it just takes a lot of makeup to make me look good.”

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His appearance becomes even more odd when you look below the neckline. Photos like these of Carrot Top have led to speculation that the comedian is doing more than abusing plastic surgery; he may be abusing steroids.

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