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Catherine Zeta Jones Plastic Surgery Breast Implants | Facelift | Teeth

Catherine Zeta Jones is a triple threat. She’s also had triple the plastic surgery. Jones has had breast implants, major dental work and a facelift. This actress, singer and dancer has relied on medicine to help her ease into middle age.

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catherine zeta jones plastic surgery

This before and after picture of Catherine Zeta Jones shows the dramatic impact of her breast implants. She went from fairly standard to fairly buxom. 

catherine zeta jones breast implants

The biggest change to Catherine Zeta Jones’ appearance, however, did not come from her increased cup size. Jones’ dental work may have had the biggest impact on her movie-star face. It’s speculated that Jones has had a facelift, but the lines on her forehead in this after picture make that unlikely.

catherine zeta jones teeth before and after

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Catherine Zeta Jones Plastic Surgery

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