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Celine Dion Plastic Surgery Before And After Teeth | Nose Job

Singer Celine Dion has a larger than life voice. Before plastic surgery, she had another large asset; her nose. She's had a nose job and work on her teeth. Over the years the Canadian super star has had a good bit of work done, changing her overall appearance substantially. Though the work she’s hasn’t isn’t anything surprising (by the entertainment industry’s standards) the result are anything but ordinary. Celine Dion’s before and after pictures could almost be different people. Dion’s nose job and new teeth have completely changed her look. Judging by the pictures, it’s also possible that Dion has cheek implants. 

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celine dion plastic surgery

This before and after picture shows the radical change that resulted from Dion’s plastic surgery. Dion had a nose job that that not only altered the shape of her nose (making it narrower and shorter), it changed her entire face. Well that, and the her teeth.

celine dion nose job

Celine Dion's new, perfect smile, thanks to her new, perfect teeth.

celine dion teeth

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Celine Dion Plastic Surgery

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