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Charlie Sheen Plastic Surgery Before And After Nose Job | Hairpiece

Charlie Sheen is a regular face on tabloid covers. He's also an open book, even about plastic surgery. He denies the nose job and has no issue with hairpiece rumors. And by “no issue” we mean, he doesn’t care what people think. His hairline is receding, there’s no hiding it, and he doesn’t care to anyway. One year he’ll have a full head of hair. The next, he’ll have a buzz cut showing off a hairline that has receded half way back his scalp. As to the nose job…we’ve seen plenty of nose jobs that were intended to leave some “character” in the nose. If Sheen had a nose job, he needs to get his money back. Sheen’s nose is as regular, and apparently unaltered, as they come. 

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charlie sheen plastic surgery

This still from Ferris Bueller’s Day Off shows a teenage Sheen with the same nose he’s walking around with today. 

charlie sheen nose job

This before and after picture of Charlie Sheen shows that the actor was clearly using a hairpiece in 2009. No amount of stress or aging would cause that much hair to recede in that short of a period.

charlie sheen hair piece