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Charlize Theron Plastic Surgery Before And After Nose Job | Botox

Actress Charlize Theron is a natural beauty who appears to have had little plastic surgery. Though there’s speculation that she’s had a nose job and uses Botox. By Hollywood standards, the almost-forty year old actress is going au naturale.

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charlize theron plastic surgery

This before and after picture shows a very young Charlize Theron. It could be argued that, in the after picture, Theron’s nose (not job) looks more defined. Though it’s questionable whether or not there's enough of a difference to say she had plastic surgery.

charlize theron nose job

Charlize Theron is most certainly using Botox. In this picture of Theron smiling broadly, her forehead is not moving, and not showing any signs of wrinkles. A sure sign of Botox injections.

charlize theron botox