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Cher Plastic Surgery Before And After Facelift | Nose Job

Cher doesn’t just sing about turning back time, she’s asked her plastic surgeon to make it happen. Cher has had a facelift, breast implants, nose job, Botox and fillers. The first major change to Cher’s face was her nose job. Like Barbara Streisand, Cher’s nose was part of her charm and appeal, but she states she felt it was too large. She told the “Daily Record” that after seeing herself in her first movie role, she knew she wanted to make a change.

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cher plastic surgery

cher nose job

Since that first nose job, Cher has had (possibly several) facelifts, breast implants, eyelifts and Botox, at the very least. For the most part Cher is open about her plastic surgery treatments, though she does credit her great skin and looks to eat right and not drinking or smoking.

cher face lift

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