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Christina Aguilera Plastic Surgery Breast Implants | Nose Job

Christina Aguilera has changed over the years, leading many to speculate that she has had extensive plastic surgery including a nose job and breast implants. Her appearance has morphed several times since first came on the scene in the 1990’s. Since then she’s gained, and lost, a lot of weight leading some to state that any change in her appearance is only due to her changing weight. 

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christina aguilera plastic surgery

Despite claims that Christina Aguilera’s changing appearance is only weight-related, this before and after picture shows that her nose may have changed as well. It’s possible that the singer had the plastic surgery to narrow the bridge of her nose and remove some cartilage from the tip. 

christina aguilera nose job

Fluctuations in weight will impact a body’s overall appearance, but there’s simply no way that Christina Aguilera’s weight was the only thing contributing to her increased chest size. This before and after picture is clear proof that the singer has breast implants.  

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