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Cindy Margolis Plastic Surgery Before And After Nose Job

Model and spokeswoman Cindy Margolis created the face that launched a career with the help of plastic surgery. She’s had a nose job cheek implants. After creating greeting cards with a picture of herself (and her phone number) the now quasi-celebrity launched a modeling career. Through the years, however, she’s improved upon the product. 

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cindy margolis plastic surgery

This before and after picture of Cindy Margolis shows the difference in Margolis’s nose post-nose job. After plastic surgery, her nose is narrower and has a more defined tip.

cindy margolis nose job

Almost as impactful as Cindy Margolis’s nose job, are her cheek implants. This before and after picture shows how sculpted her face appears since having the cheek implants.

cindy margolis cheek implants

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